Thanuja Rajapakse is a dedicated therapist originally from Sri Lanka, who has spent the majority of her life in Maryland before embarking on a new adventure in Utah. She received her master’s degree in social work at Utah Valley University.

Thanuja is passionate about working with a diverse clientele and has honed her skills in various settings, allowing her to adapt her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual. Believing in the power of therapeutic humor, she infuses her sessions with warmth and positivity, creating a safe space for healing and growth. Her commitment to social justice is evident in both her professional and personal life, as she advocates for equity and inclusivity. Thanuja’s genuine interest in people fuels her desire to create personalized therapeutic experiences, recognizing that no two journeys are alike.

Outside of her practice, Thanuja is an avid explorer. She is also expanding her skills by learning the art of crochet, embracing creativity as a means of self-expression and relaxation.